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Flood Hazard Rules

In June of 2015, the NJDEP proposed amendments to the Flood Hazard Rules that we fear would weaken protections against flooding and water pollution. After review of the 930 page amendment proposal and council with other environmental policy analysts, the Watershed Association concluded that the proposed changes would make it easier for development to take place within buffer zones. These buffer zones are areas along streams that act like sponges to help reduce and filter pollution from stormwater runoff. The proposed rules would also reduce the amount of mitigation required to compensate for incursions into the buffers and thus weaken protections for New Jersey. Overall, these changes could negatively affect New Jersey’s water quality and increase flooding.

Ask Speaker Prieto to post ACR249 for a vote on December 3rd to overturn the dangerous Flood Hazard Rule changes! Vote YES to ACR249!

Read our Comments on DEP’s Proposed Flood Hazard Rule Changes

Watershed applauds Senate vote to ​protect water, ​block NJDEP’s harmful water rules.​

News: NJ Today – Senate Approves Legislation to Reverse Water Rules

Questions? Contact Policy Director Mike Pisauro at or 609-737-3735 ext. 18.



Woodcock Watch

Saturday, March 4, 6:00-7:30PM, Adults & Families (children 6yo+), Free

Join Education Director Jeff Hoagland at dusk as we watch and learn more about the spring courtship dance and fascinating life of this bird. Hike is co-sponsored by Washington Crossing Audubon Society.Call or email to register.

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