Watershed Nature Camp

Join us at our Watershed Nature Camp, where campers have enjoyed a spirited mix of nature, science, play and community for more than 40 summers. With our 950-acre Watershed Nature Reserve as a natural setting, children explore, engage, and experience the wild world around them –sprawling meadows, the serene Stony Brook, our quiet Wargo Pond, and acres of sheltering forests. Some of our camp groups will head out on adventures – river paddling, island inhabiting, fossil hunting, and campouts. Each camp session will incorporate scientific inquiry and hands-on learning for children of all ages.

Watch our campers in action!

For Watershed Nature Camp questions or assistance, email camp@thewatershed.org

What’s in store for your nature lover?


EXPLORE. Campers spend summer days outside exploring the wonders of nature on our 950-acre reserve. They will learn about nature and themselves while playing in our fields, forests, pond, and stream with campers their age.

DISCOVER. Campers discover magic everywhere whether catching butterflies, exploring the stream, shelter-building or enjoying nature crafts, games, and hikes. The camp staff has new and different plans for each program!

CONNECT. We aim to connect the soul of our campers to the heartbeat of the natural world by providing them with fun and engaging outdoor experiences that help them better understand nature, local ecology, and the environment.

What do parents say about us?


“Once again, this camp ranked as my kids favorite camp!”

“She loved being outdoors, getting to go in the water and woods, and interacting with wildlife.”

“The greatest benefit is that he learns about his local environment. I feel that starting locally will allow him to have a greater environmental awareness.”

“Through learning, exploring, and engaging in her surroundings, she felt like part of her environment.”

“Camp reinforced his love and wonderment about the natural world.”

“She enjoyed the chance to canoe and camp out, which were different experiences for her.”