Your water. Your environment. Your voice.

Stream Cleanups

2017 Stream Cleanup Dates:
Saturday, April 22 & 29

On April 8 – Help us Plant 950 Trees!

This Earth Day may be the most important in our 10 years of organizing cleanups in central New Jersey. Millions of people will show up to march for science, for climate change, and millions more will lend a hand to cleaning their communities. Regardless of how you participate, you can help give a voice to our planet. It’s Your Water – Your Environment – Your Voice.

We are starting our Earth Day on April 8 at the Watershed Reserve by planting 950 trees. We hope you can lend a hand for one or all of our weekend Earth Day activities! Please check back for more details.

To protect clean water and healthy habitats it takes the combined efforts of citizens, volunteers, neighbors, and families working side-by-side to make a difference. The Watershed Association works with residents, municipal, county, and state leaders, and local groups on a wide variety of initiatives and actions to plan smart, grow community and preserve and protect our natural resources.

Since 2007, the Watershed Association has teamed up with volunteers throughout our watershed to pick up trash and debris near area lakes, rivers and streams. Each year hundreds of volunteers help us haul thousands of pounds of litter, recyclables and trash – everything from bleach bottles and oil cans, to tires and shopping carts – out of our waterways and nearby areas. Why? People pollution is one of the biggest contributors to water pollution in our region. When it rains, stormwater carries with it all our waste – excess fertilizers, pet and animal waste, trash and more – to our lakes, rivers and out to the ocean harming aquatic life and polluting our water.

Together we can stem the tide of water pollution. By taking individual action to recycle, dispose of trash properly, and live River-Friendly we can help keep our water and environment clean and healthy.

Event Details

– Event t-shirts and light refreshments will be provided.
– Please wear long pants and boots.
– Bring water and work gloves, if you have them.
– Children must be accompanied by an adult.
– If you have a group with more than 10 people, please pre-register by contacting Mike Pisauro at or 609-737-3735 ext. 18.

Questions about the Stream Cleanups?

Please contact Mike at or 609-737-3735 ext. 18.

2016 Watershed Stream Cleanup Totals

Meeting Location
# of Volunteers Pounds Removed
2016 TOTAL 606 5,564
TOTAL TO DATE 3,994 84,116

Celebrating 10 years of clean water and healthy habitat in your Watershed!



Woodcock Watch

Saturday, March 4, 6:00-7:30PM, Adults & Families (children 6yo+), Free

Join Education Director Jeff Hoagland at dusk as we watch and learn more about the spring courtship dance and fascinating life of this bird. Hike is co-sponsored by Washington Crossing Audubon Society.Call or email to register.

Learn more about all our programs for the coming weeks!

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