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Science and Stewardship

Science is at the heart of the Watershed Association’s environmental leadership. Across the region, we collect key data on the health of our streams and on other environmental factors through our StreamWatch volunteer monitoring program. We distribute the information to citizens and officials in central New Jersey, and work with them to address pollution of our water supplies and waterways. Our GIS Center (Geographic Information Systems) combines scientific data with mapping systems to help local governments and citizens understand the environmental issues facing our communities and help plan for a better future.

The Watershed Association’s environmental stewardship, advocacy, and education efforts are based on the hard science we collect. By understanding the health and quality of our water, we can better recommend environmental policies and protections, educate the public about how to protect and restore clean water and the environment, and work to restore ailing habitats. From StreamWatch to stream restorations, science is where the Watershed Association’s work begins.



Woodcock Watch

Saturday, March 4, 6:00-7:30PM, Adults & Families (children 6yo+), Free

Join Education Director Jeff Hoagland at dusk as we watch and learn more about the spring courtship dance and fascinating life of this bird. Hike is co-sponsored by Washington Crossing Audubon Society.Call or email to register.

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