The Literary Language of Nature

By Rob Nicolaides / Nov 30 / Events, Providing Environmental Education / No Comments

Through reading some classic and contemporary nature prose and poetry, examine how writers from Genesis to modern times have captured the natural world…

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Create A Mini Raingarden

Downspout planters are landscaped planter boxes that capture rain water from the roof and function in a similar way as a rain garden but instead within a container.

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Family Science Night at the Watershed

From moons to microscopes, dozens of families explored galactic-to-watery worlds at the recent Family Science Night at the Watershed.

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Cherry Hill East High School Visits the Watershed

By Pam Podger / Nov 17 / Providing Environmental Education / No Comments

About two dozen students from the Cherry Hill East High School explored the Watershed Center’s green features.

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Deepening Her Passion for Science

By Rob Nicolaides / Nov 15 / Monitoring Our Water / No Comments

Sonja Michaluk, 14, discovered her passion for streams and critters at a young age, and the Watershed has been a nurturing eddy where she’s developed her…

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Explore Holiday Gifts at The Nature Shop

By Pam Podger / Nov 14 / Our Center and Reserve / No Comments

Now is a great time to get a head start on holiday gifts, ranging from clean-water kits for the young scientist to nature books and animal booties.

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What Causes Flooding?

By Pam Podger / Nov 12 / Uncategorized / No Comments
Increased development and a changing climate across the Garden State are a double whammy that causes more flood damage to homes and businesses, unless our ... Read More

Hopewell Fifth Graders Visit Watershed

Hopewell Elementary School’s fifth graders recently visited the Watershed to collect evidence for environmental science lessons that align with Next Generation Science Standards.

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Ewing Teachers Explore New Science Standards

Twelve Ewing High School science teachers and nine Fisher Middle School science teachers visit the Watershed to strengthen the integration of science…

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Fall STEAM Camp Attracts Young Scientists

By Pam Podger / Nov 06 / Providing Environmental Education / No Comments

“There is an art to science, and a science in art; the two are not enemies, but different aspects of the whole.” — ISAAC ASIMOV

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