Milestone on the Lower Millstone

By Rob Nicolaides / Nov 02 / Monitoring Our Water / No Comments

The Lower Millstone River is the final stop for waters in the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed before they converge with the Raritan River and Raritan Bay. What happens here can be indicative of how the rest…

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What Lives In Our Waterways?

By Pam Podger / Nov 01 / Uncategorized / No Comments
What lives in our streams, lakes and other water bodies? Fish, water pennies, mayflies, leeches and worms, crawfish, turtles, snails, tadpoles and salamanders. Our waterways ... Read More

Natural Resource Damages Ballot Question

By Mike Pisauro / Nov 01 / Safeguarding Our Communities / No Comments

The Watershed strongly supports voting yes on Ballot Question #2.

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