Butterfly Festival Emerging Again!

August 7th, 2021

About 1,000 people attended The Watershed Institute’s 21st Annual Butterfly Festival, a popular event that took place in three separate sessions this year to keep everyone safe.

The Watershed’s Butterfly Festival is an in-person celebration of family fun to share the joys and wonders of nature.

“We’re so pleased to welcome people back to our campus and spread joy during these difficult times,” said Jim Waltman, Executive Director of The Watershed Institute. “We appreciate everyone coming and supporting our mission.”

The event featured tours of the Kate Gorrie Butterfly House, the Insect Zoo and hay wagon rides on part of the 950-acre Watershed Reserve.

The day offered live entertainment by the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge, the Trenton Circus Squad, and Eyes of the Wild (an exotic animal rescue show). Young children delighted in being a part of the famous “Butterfly and Bug Parade” led by Lady Monarch, Ms. Allison. A DJ rounded out the day’s festivities.

Adults and older children learned about watersheds, tiny critters who populate our streams, the impact of human activities on our environment, and the need to protect our rivers, lakes, and streams. There were many games and educational hands-on exhibits, such as carefully touching minnows with wet hands, exploring the underwater world with microscopes, labyrinths and more.

Proceeds from this event help sustain The Watershed Institute’s work in environmental conservation, advocacy, science, and education. The Watershed is a member-supported non-profit dedicated to protecting and restoring clean water and healthy environments in central New Jersey.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, space at the Butterfly Festival was limited to about 300 people per session so all the activities could be held in a safe manner.

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