Trenton River Days Fair Attracts Hundreds

About 600 people attended Saturday's inaugural Trenton River Days Fair at South Riverwalk Park on Saturday.

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Exploring a Camp Counselor’s Day

We follow Eliza Rosenthale of Pennington, a counselor for two years, on a typical day ...

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Academy Students Explore Field Science on Environmental Outings

Environmental Field Science Academy students take day trips to better understand the natural world.

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Investigating Climate Change With the Watershed Academy

Students learned about the problems and possible solutions of climate change at Watershed Academy.

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Hitting the Streams With the Watershed Academy

A dozen high school students learned about stream health, habitat and human impacts.

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An Incurable Curiosity

Sometimes, a chance encounter with a new organism can be simply hypnotic: A hellgrammite prowling ...

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Nature Rx

Playing in the woods and fields for hours on end. Enjoying burgers on the grill ...

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70 Things You Can Do About Climate Change

Small actions add up to big impacts. We can all have a more positive impact, ...

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Clean Water, Stewardship and Environmental Education Interns Join Watershed

Seven interns have joined The Watershed Institute as interns this summer and will do field ...

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Watershed Benefits from Creative Philanthropy

The Watershed Institute has been chosen for creative philanthropy by donors ranging from middle school ...

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