Hopewell Fifth Graders Visit Watershed

Hopewell Elementary School's fifth graders recently visited the Watershed to collect evidence for environmental science lessons that align with Next Generation Science Standards.

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Ewing Teachers Explore New Science Standards

Twelve Ewing High School science teachers and nine Fisher Middle School science teachers visit the Watershed to strengthen the integration of science...

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Fall STEAM Camp Attracts Young Scientists

By Pam Podger / Nov 06 / Providing Environmental Education / No Comments

"There is an art to science, and a science in art; the two are not enemies, but different aspects of the whole." -- ISAAC ASIMOV

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Princeton Middle Schoolers Visit

Sixth graders from John Witherspoon Middle School came to the Watershed for two days of hands-on science, exploration and team building.

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What Does It Take To Have Safer Drinking Water

Join experts Dan Van Abs, Ph.D., and Scott Baxter-Green, for an informative discussion about your water supply and how our water gets treated and delivered.

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Nov. Film – Riverblue

By Rob Nicolaides / Oct 02 / Events, Providing Environmental Education / No Comments

Can fashion save the planet? Find out by following international river conservationist, Mark Angelo, Nov. 5th. Watch RIVERBLUE at the Watershed Center as he infiltrates one of the world’s most pollutive industries...

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Timberlane’s Sixth Graders Explored Science

Timberlane Middle School’s sixth graders visited the Watershed on Oct. 3-5 for daylong science explorations that involved creative thinking...

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How Is Climate Change Affecting Water?

Climate change and water are joined at the hip. A warming atmosphere causes more intense weather events and changes typical patterns of cold, hot, wet and dry that we’ve experienced in the past.

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Trees of New Jersey & Their Lives

By Rob Nicolaides / Aug 25 / Events, Providing Environmental Education / No Comments

Starting Monday, September 18, the Watershed is offering a course about Trees of New Jersey and their lives. The classes are part of the adult Language of Nature series...

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