What Is A Watershed?

By Pam Podger / Jun 18 / Providing Environmental Education / No Comments

A watershed is an area of land that drains into a particular body of water, such as a stream, river, pond, or lake.

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How Does Rain Cause Pollution?

When it rains, water is absorbed into the ground and recharges the aquifer. Because New Jersey is the most densely developed state in the nation, ...

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Watershed’s Green Roof and Rain Barrels at Princeton Parklet

The Princeton Parklet opened Saturday, featuring live music, free ice cream and displays of rain barrels and green roofs by The Watershed Institute.

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Hands-On Biology for Trenton Central High

From touching a “slimy” green frog to measuring water temperature, about 50 students from Trenton Central High School visited The Watershed Institute ...

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Watershed Teacher Academy

Join us from July 23-27 at the Watershed Teacher Academy, a research-based partnership with Princeton University that offers invaluable experience for educators teaching kindergarten through high school.

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Third Graders Explore the Water Cycle

By Pam Podger / Apr 13 / Providing Environmental Education / No Comments

Third graders from Wardlaw & Hartridge independent school in Edison, N.J., learned about the water cycle at the Watershed!

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George School Student Builds Robot to Monitor Water

By Pam Podger / Mar 19 / Providing Environmental Education / No Comments

Aliea Nallbani, 15, a junior at the George School, will build an underwater robot to help scientists at the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association measure water quality.

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Upcoming Spring Adult Education Courses

The Language of Nature series for adults breathes new life into the environment around us.  It's never too late to learn. Upcoming courses this spring include...

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The Literary Language of Nature

By Rob Nicolaides / Nov 30 / Events, Providing Environmental Education / No Comments

Through reading some classic and contemporary nature prose and poetry, examine how writers from Genesis to modern times have captured the natural world...

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Create A Mini Raingarden

Downspout planters are landscaped planter boxes that capture rain water from the roof and function in a similar way as a rain garden but instead within a container.

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