Flooding Is Wake Up Call for Gov.-Elect Murphy

By Rob Nicolaides / Oct 06 / Safeguarding Our Communities / No Comments

With millions of Americans still suffering the ravages of recent hurricanes, resiliency to extreme weather should be a major issue for NJ Gov.-elect Phil Murphy.

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Green Infrastructure: Rain Gardens

A simple rain garden may look like a flower garden to the untrained eye, but these rain gardens serve the important role of absorbing 30% more water than the same size area of traditional lawn.

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Green Infrastructure: Green Roofs

By Mike Pisauro / Sep 22 / Safeguarding Our Communities / No Comments

Green roofs provide aesthetic, environmental, and economic benefits.

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What Is Green Infrastructure and Why Do We Need It?

When rain falls on our roofs, streets, and parking lots, the subsequent water cannot soak into the ground and becomes stormwater runoff.

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NJDEP Rejects PennEast Water Permit Application

By Pam Podger / Jun 28 / Safeguarding Our Communities / No Comments

The Watershed applauds this decision by NJDEP to reject PennEast's fatally flawed permit application.

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Proposed NJDEP Rules Threaten Wetlands

By Mike Pisauro / Jun 23 / Safeguarding Our Communities / No Comments

Proposed changes to the state’s program of protecting wetlands would weaken these critical areas. Please help us oppose this damaging proposal...

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NJDEP Called to Reject PennEast Wetlands Permit

We urge Bob Martin, Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to reject PennEast's permit application for a 120-mile pipeline.

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Princeton Delivers a Win for Clean Water

Princeton neighborhoods are safer from flooding and water intrusion resulting from new construction with Monday’s passage of the ordinance controlling polluted stormwater runoff.

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Cranbury Protects Parks

Cranbury Board of Health adopts a smoke-free parks ordinance, the 13th town in our Watershed to do so.

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Support our Stormwater Efforts in Princeton

Residents of Princeton are encouraged to attend the Princeton Council meeting on June 12 at 7pm to speak in favor of a stormwater ordinance, and urge their elected officials to vote for passage of the ordinance.

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