Clean Water Inspires Teens

July 14th, 2017

Teenagers enrolled in the Watershed Science & Stewardship Academy’s Clean Water session gained some watery wisdom during the past week.

From learning about rain barrels to GIS mapping, the teenagers assessed the health of the Stony Brook by measuring its nutrients, oxygen levels, pH balance and turbidity as well as collected some samples of aquatic life.  For contrast, they traveled to Hightstown and did similar measurements of the Rocky Brook, a waterway impacted by development in an urban landscape.

In a creative lesson with Dr. Steve Tuorto, Science Director at the Watershed, the students create their own mini demonstrations of rainwater and impervious soils using cereal and milk. They also delved into green infrastructure with outdoor sessions on rain barrels, native plants, and rain gardens.

As a capstone,  the students unveiled their green infrastructure designs for the Hightstown Housing Authority during a final presentation to the Watershed staff.

For several years, the Watershed Science & Stewardship Academy has offered teenagers hands-on experience in learning about water quality, green architecture and land stewardship.

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