Connie and Bill Bauder help plan for the Watershed’s Future

March 5th, 2018

Connie and Bill Bauder, longtime residents of Cranbury, have been a part of the Watershed family for more than 25 years. As kids, both spent time playing in local streams that connected them with nature.

They were first introduced to the Watershed Association in the 1990’s, when they participated in a Watershed-led hike along Cranbury Brook. Shortly after that hike, they joined the Watershed Association, and became volunteers for StreamWatch, a water quality monitoring team.

Bill first became aware that water shouldn’t be taken for granted when he was enlisted in the U.S. Navy from 1966-1970 and shipped out on many tours of duty, including the Arctic Circle.

“Looking out into that great expanse of water, it struck me how little we had to drink and that we had to make water safe to cook and drink through evaporation, a process that takes the salt and other impurities out of the water,” Bill said.

Connie’s awareness of the importance of clean water were top priorities during her teaching career as a high school biology and environmental science teacher. She taught her students about fresh water and salt water ecosystems, stressing the importance of unpolluted water for the survival of plants and animals. Using water test kits similar to those available at the Watershed, she taught her students how to test water for impurities as they learned what constitutes safe drinking water.

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Connie and Bill became more connected to the Watershed Association because of their close relationship with their neighbor’s daughters, Amanda and Emily Hardman.  Connie and Bill watched as these children enjoyed many years as campers at the Watershed Nature Camp and also as some of the youngest StreamWatch teams.

Connie said that watching the kids grow up and eventually become scientists made her realize how big an impact the Watershed has on young people.

Last year, when the Watershed encouraged its members to think about ways to contribute, Connie and Bill chose to make a bequest to the Watershed Association. Connie and Bill said they want future generations to acquire the connection with nature that they enjoyed in their lifetimes and to become good stewards of our water and land.

Connie and Bill still are very involved in Cranbury Township, attending many planning, zoning and other meetings because they care about the environmental issues where they live.

The Watershed Association is thankful to have members like the couple, who are vocal advocates and help advance the Watershed’s mission in their communities.

If you have designated the Watershed as a beneficiary of your planned giving and would like to be included as a member of our Legacy Society, or if you are interested in learning more about planned giving, please contact Jenny-Ann Kershner, Development Director at 609-737-3735 ext. 36 or [email protected]

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