Ewing Teachers Explore New Science Standards

November 6th, 2017

Twelve Ewing High School science teachers and nine Fisher Middle School science teachers visited the Watershed on Tuesday to strengthen the integration of science and engineering activities into their school curricula as part of the Next Generation Science Standards.

As part of their professional development, the high school teachers were at the Watershed for a full day and the middle school teachers visited for a half day.

Various discussions throughout the training centered on how to incorporate NGSS, an approach to teaching science and engineering that focuses on engaging students in studying real-world problems and designing practical solutions.

Watershed staff showcased how engineering practices could be infused into the teacher’s classes.  Steve Tuorto, Director of Science & Stewardship, and Jeff Hoagland, Education Director, led the workshops and discussions along with Greg Hunter, the Watershed’s Teacher-In-Residence who is on sabbatical from the Timberlane Middle School in the Hopewell Valley Regional School District.

“We talked about how the LEED-Platinum certified Watershed Center was engineered to minimize its environmental impact,” Hoagland said.

The Ewing teachers spent the afternoon in breakout sessions where they brought an idea for a classroom lesson and learned how to integrate the NGSS standards.

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