Exploring a Camp Counselor’s Day

August 1st, 2019

What do counselors do at the Watershed Nature Camp, an active day camp where kids engage in fun and interesting ways to learn about the world around them? Let’s see by following one counselor and getting an insider’s view.

Eighteen-year-old group leader Eliza Rosenthale of Pennington started off her day by going on an adventure to Honey Brook Organic Farm with the youngest campers, ages 4-5. The group of nine campers hiked 1.6 miles to the farm, had a snack and picked blackberries. Throughout this expedition, Eliza made sure that there was never a dull moment from singing songs en route to trying to catch frogs in big puddles on the Watershed Reserve’s trails.

“I love being in nature and spending time with kids, and this camp is really special because it helps kids foster a relationship with nature and I think that’s really important,” Eliza said.

This is Eliza’s second year as a counselor at the Watershed Nature Camp. Asked why she decided to return for another summer, she said, “I left last summer so happy and proud of myself and I wanted to come back because I love spending my summer having fun and getting messy.”

As a second-year counselor, Eliza was promoted to be a group leader, which has increased responsibilities. She is the public face of the group and interacts the most with the parents and guardians. She also manages many of the decisions, in collaboration with one other counselor and CIT (counselor in training).

After the experience at the farm, the campers hiked back to the Watershed, ate lunch, and had a well-deserved rest for several hours in the cool Kingsford Room. In no time, all the kids were up and ready to enjoy their next activity of creating handmade craft. They took packing peanuts and turned them into people using paint, feathers, and googly eyes.

At the end of the day, the parents signed out their children, each one with a smile on their face as they began telling their mother or father about their exciting day.

Camp Director Michelle Perkins said she was delighted that Eliza returned for another year.

“She’s great with the little kids, she’s very patient and responsible,” Michelle said. “She’s a very wonderful person.”

— By Payton Tuorto, Media Intern

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