First Sunday Film Series

We are excited to bring you free environmental films at the Watershed Center every first Sunday of the month at 1 p.m. Screenings include a variety of topics and film styles including documentaries and major motion pictures. Enjoy free, local, organic popcorn at the show and spend some time on the beautiful Watershed Reserve before and after the movie.  Stick around for environmental speakers accompanying some in-depth topics, answering questions, and expanding on the work of the filmmakers.

Free environmental films will be displayed every first Sunday of the month at 1 p.m. between October & June unless noted otherwise. Screenings will not be held July through September. For questions or more information on these screenings, call 609-737-3735 x10.



This documentary film by  Andrew Morgan explores the impact of the fashion industry on people and the planet.


For this Sunday, we will view a film on the industrious, buck-toothed engineer – the North American Beaver who are changing the world “one stick at a time”.


This award-winning documentary narrated by Emma Thompson chronicles the rise of extreme energy and a new way forward.


Acclaimed environmental photographer James Balog headed to the Arctic on a tricky assignment for National Geographic: to capture images to help tell the story of the Earth’s changing climate.


Join Watershed Institute staff members, Stormwater Specialist Kory Kreiseder, and Stewardship Coordinator, Allison Jackson for a discussion after viewing several short films on the importance of native plants.

Chasing Coral is a documentary film about a team of divers, scientists and photographers around the world who document the disappearance of coral reefs. Chasing Coral was produced by Exposure ...
For this Sunday, we will view three short films with the central issues of climate change and clean water. Anthropocene In the midst of the ...
Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for Our Time A preview of the first full-length, high-definition documentary film ever made about legendary environmentalist Aldo Leopold, ...
Is it possible to live completely waste free? In this multi-award winning documentary,  partners Jen and Grant go head to head in a competition to ...

Join us June 3 at the Watershed. Madeleine Albright and George Schultz, both former Secretaries of State, call attention to the link between national security and climate change.


Join us on May 6 at the Watershed Center! We’ll see a film created by Kip Andersen as he uncovers possibly the largest health secret …


Join us April 8 to see Former Vice President Al Gore continue his tireless fight, traveling around the world to influence international climate policy in An Inconvenient Sequel.


As part of the Princeton Migration series, join us for a showing of DamNation and a Q&A with fisheries and dam removal experts.


Join us at 1 p.m. on Feb. 4 for a free showing of Tapped. This documentary film on bottled water will help you see that this seemingly clean industry is not what it appears to be.


Can fashion save the planet? Find out by following international river conservationist, Mark Angelo, Nov. 5th. Watch RIVERBLUE at the Watershed Center as he infiltrates one of the world’s most pollutive industries…


In How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change, Oscar Nominated director Josh Fox (GASLAND) continues in his deeply personal style, investigating climate change…


Join us for this inspiring June 4th double feature about migration. Guest Speaker and filmmaker Jared Flesher will be on hand to discuss his stunning film the Birds of May which tells the story…