First Sunday Film Series

We are excited to bring you free environmental films at the Watershed Center every first Sunday of the month at 1pm. Screenings include a variety of topics and film styles including documentaries and major motion pictures. Enjoy free, local, organic popcorn at the show and spend some time on the beautiful Watershed Reserve before and after the movie.  Stick around for environmental speakers accompanying some in depth topics, answering questions, and expanding on the work of the filmmakers.

Free environmental films will be displayed every first Sunday of the month at 1pm unless noted otherwise. For questions or more information on these screenings, call 609-737-3735 x10.


FREE First Sunday Environmental Film Series

Apr 02 Unlimited tickets
Hometown Habitat features renowned entomologist Dr. Douglas Tallamy, whose research, books and lectures on the use of non-native plants in landscaping, sound the alarm about habitat and species loss.

FREE First Sunday Environmental Film Series

Feb 05 This event has passed
Our First Sunday Film Series offers the opportunity for people to learn about environmental topics related to our mission while enjoying an afternoon on the ...