Free Double Feature All About Migration

May 24th, 2017

Sunday, June 4 @ 1PM

We are excited to bring you free environmental films at the Watershed Center. Screenings include a variety of topics and film styles including documentaries and major motion pictures. Enjoy free, local, organic popcorn at the show and spend some time on the beautiful Watershed Reserve before and after the movie. Stick around for environmental speakers accompanying some in depth topics, answering questions, and expanding on the work of the filmmakers.

Birds of May – 30 min

Join us for this inspiring double feature about migration. Guest Speaker and filmmaker Jared Flesher will be on hand to discuss his stunning film the Birds of May which tells the story of the federally threatened rufa red knot and its annual visit to the Delaware Bay. This screening has been made possible by our co-sponsor, the Environmental Education Fund.

Flight of the Butterflies – 44 min

It’s a natural history epic. It’s a compelling detective story. It’s a scientific adventure at its best. It took Dr. Fred Urquhart almost 40 years to discover the monarch butterflies’ secret hideaway and prove the most incredible migration on Earth. Following the year-long annual migration cycle of the butterflies, the award-winning production team filmed hundreds of millions of monarchs in their remote overwintering sanctuaries in Mexico in 2011 and again in 2012 and also along their migratory routes from Canada, across the U.S. and into Mexico.

No registration is required. Walk-ins are welcome. There is no fee to attend. For questions, email [email protected].

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