MOVIS: Outdoor Art Exhibit

June 1st, 2017

MOVIS: Into the Woods open air art exhibit on the Watershed Reserve starts on June 4 through August 31 and is free to the public daily, dawn until dusk.  Pick up a map in the Watershed Center and discover art along our trails from Rita Asch, Berendina Buist, John Goodyear, Susan Hockaday, Eve Ingalls, Marsha Levin-Rojer, and Frank Magalhaes.

Installing a group of artworks in the woods is nothing like putting up an art show in a traditional gallery. MOVIS has had many exhibits in galleries, and is pleased to take on the challenge of a show in the woods and fields of the Watershed Reserve.

This gallery is alive. Everything in it is moving and changing. The elements of this gallery are the earth itself, all the different kinds of plants, water and rocks, all the various creatures, time passing, and all kinds of weather. These phenomena come together in billions of networks and combinations.

The presence of works of art in such a setting provokes many questions. How does each artwork connect to its surroundings? Is it disruptive, does it blend in, or does it continue some aspect of the setting? How is it affected by what is around it? What does this relationship tell us? What is the intention of the artist?

We hope that visitors will discover a relationship between the artworks and their environment, and come away with a fresh sense of the intricacy, beauty, and power of the natural world.

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