New Jersey Watershed Conference

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New Jersey Watershed Conference

9 AM-5 PM  |  Friday, November 2, 2018

More than 45 years have passed since the adoption of the Clean Water Act, yet even today, nearly every water body across New Jersey still fails to meet the goal of providing “fishable and swimmable” waters. Poorly managed stormwater continues to pose a significant problem in New Jersey, where it contributes to severe flooding and is the leading source of water pollution. At the same time, our state is on track to become the first state to reach full build-out of potential development, yet we lack a comprehensive plan to guide how this future growth will impact our water resources.

Following a successful inaugural conference last year, the New Jersey Watershed Conference will once again bring these issues to the forefront. Our 2nd annual conference will include presentations from local experts about state regulations related to water resources management, infrastructure requirements and maintenance, and the problems and solutions related to the health of our watersheds.

We welcome NGO’s, engineers, members of Environmental Commissions, Planning and Zoning Boards, as well as interested members of the general public.

Submit a Workshop Proposal

The deadline for workshop proposal submissions is Friday, June 1st. We encourage submissions related to topics such as:

  • New Jersey Stormwater Rules
  • Stormwater Impacts on Water Quality
  • Stormwater Utilities
  • Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Drinking Water Infrastructure
    • Maintenance Considerations
    • Cost/Benefit Analysis Methodologies
  • Emerging Contaminants
  • Watershed Management (urban/suburban/rural)
    • Emerging Tools in Watershed Protection and Restoration
  • Groundwater Standards & Rules
  • NJ State Water Supply Plan
  • Climate Change, Water Supply and Population Growth
  • Dam Removal
  • Other


The 2018 New Jersey Watershed Conference will provide access to nonprofit professionals, stormwater managers, and state and municipal officials. If you are interested in connecting your business or organization as a sponsor of our conference, please contact Kimber Ray at (609) 737-3735 or