Community Advocacy Program Launches Today

March 3rd, 2021

Executive Director Jim Waltman welcomed The Watershed Institute’s Community Watershed Advocate Program, which kicked off today with more than 60 participants from across the state.

Working in breakout groups, participants shared the environmental issues they are experiencing in their towns, such as flooding, development, and water quality, as well as their reasons for joining the six-week program. Topics will include determining the health of local waterways, monitoring town development, exploring environmental justice concerns, and using green infrastructure to improve water quality.

Following the group sessions, Sophie Glovier, Assistant Policy Director, provided an overview of the many different decision-makers in local government who impact environmental policy, from elected officials to municipal staff. This program runs until late May.

The Community Watershed Advocate Program’s (CWAP) goal is to offer local residents the knowledge they need to become effective environmental advocates and to impact environmental policy decisions in their towns. This cohort, the second group to do this type of CWAP training, have backgrounds in their local Environmental Commissions, community groups, or are local residents.

As a result of the CWAP pilot program, participants have joined Environmental Commissions, advocated for green infrastructure in their schools and communities, and raised awareness of environmental issues through newspaper articles and social media posts.

If you’d like to join the waiting list for the next CWAP program, please email Eve Niedergang at [email protected].

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