Stony Brook Tribute

December 19th, 2017

Anne Wieland of Homer, Alaska, grew up near the Stony Brook in Princeton. She fell hard for the brook, drawn by the song, the carpet of spring ephemerals and the varied and fascinating creatures who live in its watery depths.

Anne was captivated by the fish, some cruising invisibly, others shifting about in school, with flashes of silver. Watching fish feeding and forming perfect ripples, Anne decided she must get a fishing rod, which provided endless hours of entertainment.

Anne has maintained her relationship with the Stony Brook over the years with regular visits to Princeton. Wandering the floodplain, Anne still finds magic and relics along the brook’s edge. She returns to her sitting rock – in the middle of the brook. Here, surrounded by brook song, she is at peace and at home.

A member of the Watershed since 1985, Anne was drawn to our mission of keeping water clean, healthy and safe. With each trip back to New Jersey, Anne works for the environment and visits her Stony Brook friend, no matter the season.

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