Summer Program to Explore the Science of Water

June 16th, 2017

Explore local streams and learn how to combat water pollution and flooding with Steve Tuorto, PhD, the Watershed’s Director of Science and Stewardship. Dr. Tuorto will teach students the basics of freshwater ecology, the causes of water pollution, and the civil engineering practices behind water management and restoration, July 10-14.

Students will learn how to use GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to analyze natural and developed landscapes, and design “green infrastructure” strategies for combatting polluted stormwater runoff. Students will have an opportunity to contribute to an ongoing Watershed research project funded by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

This program provides a fun introduction to college majors and careers in environmental science and engineering. Motivated students can also make the course a launching pad for independent study projects with Watershed scientists during the following school year and summer internships in future years.

Dr. Tuorto has also been a popular adjunct professor at Rutgers University, and has conducted field research in freshwater, marine, estuarine, and tundra environments.

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