Susan Mania Presents “Remnants of the Land”

April 13th, 2017

Susan Mania is an artist working in the Delaware River Valley region of New Jersey. Known for a diverse background in painting, collage and fiber arts, her work concerns itself with the dynamic relationships found in the natural setting. She explores themes such as the growth cycles of the plant world, animal migrations, weather and climate.

April 12 through May 19, the Garden Club of Princeton Gallery at the Watershed Center is showing Remnants of the Land, an interpretation of severe weather events on the local landscape, a visual statement of the changing character of our woodland eco-system. Through the use of form and line distilled from observations of local woodlands, streams and rivers, new abstracted forms are conceptualized and expressed.

Giving the viewer an opportunity to reexamine local natural environments, the work attempts to bring to light the effects of changes in climate. A witness to such events as a forest turned up-side-down by the extreme winds from summer storms and the effects of drought followed by flooding that cause detrimental soil run-off, new dynamic movements are revealed, distilled and conceptually organized through composition and color. The combination of line, form and impressions are unified revealing an energetic experience of interconnectedness and symbiotic relationships found in nature.

Art work is executed in oil paint, fiber collage and watercolor on birch panel and paper. Cloth used for collage is hand dyed using locally harvested dyestuffs, such as Osage Orange, Black Walnut and Indigo. Vintage textiles remnants have been repurposed serving as a distilled mark from the past. Each textual element vibrates with its own history and mirror those found in the natural setting.

Ms. Mania has exhibited both regionally and nationally and has been on the faculty at The College of New Jersey and The Waldorf School of Princeton. She lives and works on a rural preserve of woodland, stream and organic gardens in Stockton New Jersey.

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