Third Graders Explore the Water Cycle

April 13th, 2018

With shouts of “evaporation”, “precipitation”, and “condensation”, 20 third graders from the Wardlaw & Hartridge independent school learned about the water cycle on a recent fine spring day.

The students from the Edison- area school spent the morning learning about various parts of trees and how they grow. They also explored the animals in the Watershed’s Discovery Center.

In the afternoon, the students played the Incredible Journey game and learned how water travels over the Earth’s surface in the water cycle.

Watershed Educator Casey Schott said the water droplets are used and reused as they travel through the water cycle over the years.

“This water could have been drunk by a dinosaur!” he said, to shrieks of amazement, “or George Washington could have swallowed this water.”

“Yay, I’m a president,” exclaimed one boy.

Later, the group went out with meshed nets to catch water creatures including tadpoles, frogs and lots water-loving insects.

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