Timberlane’s Sixth Graders Explored Science

September 29th, 2017

Timberlane Middle School’s sixth graders visited the Watershed on Oct. 3-5 for daylong science explorations that involved creative thinking and problem solving using science practices from the Next Generation Science Standards.

Each team of about 90 students visited for one day to learn about the natural world with the Watershed’s educators.

“This immersive style of teaching science is exciting for students and offers ‘real world’ context,” said Jeff Hoagland, Education Director at the Watershed. “We want students to live the curriculum.”

These outings offered an opportunity for team building and collaboration while learning science in a natural setting. This helped unify the students, who attended one of the four elementary schools last year or are newcomers to the Hopewell Valley Regional School District.

Timberlane’s sixth graders are one of many school groups who have visited the Watershed for hands-on science lessons. This is the 10th year that TMS has come to the Watershed for experiential programs in science and engineering.

Students toured the Watershed’s LEED-Platinum certified building, teamed up to build shelters in the woods, and engaged in observation, data collection and problem solving at the Stony Brook.

The Watershed is partnering with schools to deliver a curriculum that aligns with NGSS. Please contact Education Manager Pat Heaney at (609) 737-3735 x11, to learn how your school could join us.

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