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The Watershed Association serves more than 10,000 children and adults through nearly 400 education programs and events each year for schools, community groups and the general public. Our programs inspire an appreciation of the wonders of nature, fortify an understanding of how our environment works and explain what we can do to protect our environment. Our school programs address New Jersey’s core curriculum content standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards through engaging, hands-on instruction that teaches scientific methods of research and discovery. Our teacher workshops train educators to incorporate the environment into their curriculums, while adult education programs teach strategies to reduce the environmental impacts of your home and business. At the Watershed Center, you will discover an assortment of exhibits and a collection of small creatures.

Our Environmental Education program aims to increase the environmental literacy of area children, adults and educators. We honor the sense of wonder that ties younger people intimately to their environment. We make learning about the environment FUN by implementing an array of lessons and programs that engage the learner creatively while disseminating critical environmental concepts. Our programs inspire and inform, leading people to embrace the notion of environmental stewardship. Our programs lead to a more informed community and a healthier environment.



Woodcock Watch

Saturday, March 4, 6:00-7:30PM, Adults & Families (children 6yo+), Free

Join Education Director Jeff Hoagland at dusk as we watch and learn more about the spring courtship dance and fascinating life of this bird. Hike is co-sponsored by Washington Crossing Audubon Society.Call or email to register.

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