2021 Stream Cleanups

Improving Our Communities While Practicing Social Distancing

Stream cleanups are back and in-person once again this spring! With a few small changes, we are able to gather safely to clean up our communities and make our Watershed a healthier and more beautiful environment.

A new addition this year – pre-registration is required! The state mandates small, outdoor gatherings, so cleanup participation is limited. Click on the time slots below each municipality to register.

In the meantime, review our Covid policies below. If you prefer a more solo cleanup activity, scroll down to learn more about our Virtual Cleanups.

Cleanup Event Policies and Waiver

Cleanups - Virtually Everywhere!

If you would rather keep your distance while cleaning up your community, participate in our Virtual Cleanups! The next time you go outside or take your dog for a walk, grab gloves and a bag and pick up trash on the way. You can pick up litter during a walk around the neighborhood, in your backyard, in the street, in a nearby park, or anywhere else you see trash on the ground. Make sure to maintain social distancing from others—giving others at least six-feet of room from other people — and be sure to wear gloves.

Map My Cleanups

Please check and follow all local and regional regulations and guidelines in regard to COVID-19. Always wear gloves when picking up litter and avoid any direct contact with trash. Only pick up trash in areas where you feel safe and comfortable!

You can also help by reporting illegal dumping:

On the map below, click on the pins and scroll down to see pictures of people and what they collected by clicking on the attachment links. Some photos are artistic!

Send Us Your Cleanup Data Points!

Map My Cleanups!

Thank you to our Clean Water Sponsors

Please take a moment to share this page with a friend to double your impact. We may be cleaning up individually, but together, we can make a big difference. We thank you for your generous participation.

If you have the means, please consider a gift to help keep our water clean, safe & healthy.

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