2020 Earth Week Cleanups

Improving Our Communities While Practicing Social Distancing

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is right around the corner. While communal celebrations of this day are not appropriate this year due to the need to adhere to social distancing requirements, we can still take individual action to improve our communities.

The next time you go outside or take your dog for a walk, grab gloves and a bag and pick up trash on the way. You can pick up litter during a walk around the neighborhood, in your backyard, in the street, in a nearby park, or anywhere else you see trash on the ground. Make sure to maintain social distancing from others—giving others at least six-feet of room from other people — and be sure to wear gloves.

Please take some photos and post them here to share your good deed with others. Please use the link to also take a quick survey that tells us what you found and where you found it. 

You can also post your photos to social media and tag them #njearthdaycleanup.

As a reminder, Governor Phil Murphy’s “Stay at Home” order allows for  “walking, running, operating a wheelchair, or engaging in outdoor activities…..while following best social distancing practices with other individuals, including staying six feet apart”.

Please check and follow all local and regional regulations and guidelines in regard to COVID-19. Always wear gloves when picking up litter and avoid any direct contact with trash. Only pick up trash in areas where you feel safe and comfortable!

Report illegal dumping here:

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