Safeguarding Our Communities

Every town in New Jersey can take action to protect its water supplies and safeguard its residents from pollution, flooding, drought and other environmental harm. The Watershed works directly with municipal governments to enact measures that manage stormwater, protect stream corridors, limit clearing of forests, preserve open space, and respond to climate change. We also work with the New Jersey legislature and state agencies to strengthen environmental protections.

The Watershed advocates for environmental protection at the state, local, and occasionally the national level. Engaging directly with policy-makers, we seek to strengthen environmental laws, regulations, policies, and ordinances and defend against efforts to weaken these measures. When a development proposal threatens to pollute a pristine stream, destroy a mature forest or increase flooding, we engage to block or modify the project in order to protect the environment.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has delegated the authority to implement many of our national environmental laws to the state of New Jersey. This means that our state’s Department of Environmental Protection plays a particularly important role in protecting water and the environment in New Jersey.

On many environmental issues, however, towns are permitted to adopt local ordinances that are stronger than state or federal regulations in order to safeguard their residents and businesses from pollution, flooding, drought and other environmental harm.

For years, the Watershed has worked with central New Jersey towns to adopt strong environmental ordinances. We believe that every municipality should adopt measures to carefully manage stormwater and septic systems (where relevant); protect stream corridors, forests and open space; and prioritize actions to address climate change.

We are eager to work with your town. Contact us to find out how you can mobilize your community to take actions that protect our environment.

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