Watershed Science & Stewardship Academy

 From Exploration to Action!

For several years, the Academy has been a successful program that provides high school students with opportunities to immerse themselves and have fun participating in hands-on science and stewardship.

Resuming again in 2017-2018, each Academy class will be a week-long environmental investigation designed to capture the same spirit of wonder and inquiry. Students will be engaged in science and stewardship practices that foster awareness, and promote investigation, action, and leadership. The classes will help students attending independent school complete service hours in their communities.

Students will work on green infrastructure projects and will be directly involved in the ongoing scientific studies on water quality with the Watershed Association staff to help guide local, state, and federal agencies in environmental policy-making decisions.

Based on the Next Generation Science Standards, the curriculum of each class will involve:

  • Asking questions & defining problems
  • Constructing explanations & designing solutions
  • Planning & carrying out investigations
  • Analyzing & interpreting data
  • Using math & computational thinking
  • Obtaining, evaluating & communicating information

Academy Class Details

All Academy classes will run from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

Scholarships will be available for qualified individuals.  If you would like to apply for a scholarship for an Academy week, please inquire with Steve Tuorto at stuorto@thewatershed.org, or at 609-737-3735, ext – 35.

What do students say about us?

“I gained extensive knowledge about green infrastructure.”

“I learned so much about GIS, stormwater management, and a whole perspective on environmental careers.”

“This academy will help me to narrow down what type of career in environmental science I want to pursue.”

“I know I am on the right career path.”