Watershed Nature Camp

With great sadness, we’ve concluded that we are not able to deliver camp the way we’ve enjoyed together in the past. The safety and well-being of our campers and the community is always our top priority when planning for the summer. With the coronavirus still present in our region, we cannot maintain the level of safety, education, companionship, and fun that we strive for at Watershed Nature Camp. Our staff have been investigating alternative programming for the summer and are continuing to work on providing activities and programs over the summer.

In typical times and for more than 45 years, our summer camp has provided a spirited mix of nature, science, play and community. Camp takes place on our sprawling 950-acre nature reserve, which includes wildflower meadows, the serene Stony Brook, our quiet Wargo Pond, and acres of sheltering forests.

Every day, youngsters at the Watershed Nature Camp explore, engage and experience the wild, natural world around them. Some of our campers’ favorite activities are hiking the trails, building shelters, meeting critters and cooling off in streams. As campers get older, they will experience even greater adventures — cookouts, camping, and trips!

For high-school students interested in working outdoors with children, we offer Counselor-In-Training opportunities and the Watershed Academy for High School Students.

When registering, please use the Register Here button below and scroll to the correct June, July and August months on the calendar. 

Counselor-In-Training Program (CIT)

The Watershed’s Counselor-In-Training Program (CIT) is aimed at 15, 16, and 17-year-olds who want to expand their outdoor knowledge, build leadership skills, and learn how to work with children. Guided and mentored by Camp Staff, the Counselors-in-Training will have hands-on experience every day working with campers outdoors. There are two tiers of CITs; with an option for older and more experienced teens to volunteer their time as Senior CITs and younger/less experienced to gain new skills at a nominal cost.

Watershed Academy for High School Students

For families with older children, please explore the immersive, weeklong courses in environmental science in the Watershed Academy for High School Students. Topics include environmental advocacy, field science, stream science, green architecture,  climate change, and clean water. Please explore the link below for more information.


“Our kids learned so much and had such a great time getting dirty and being kids!”

“The Watershed Nature Camp is an opportunity for kids to do exactly what they are supposed to do in summertime: play outdoors and explore nature.” 

“My children enjoyed the experience of learning about nature hands on. They loved being able to touch, feel, and smell the world they live in.”

“Our son gained an appreciation for the world around him and was encouraged to explore and use his imagination!”

“Clearly, your staff truly love what they do and it makes all the difference in the world!”

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