Keeping water clean, safe, and healthy is the heart of our mission. We work to protect and restore our water and natural environment in central New Jersey through conservation, advocacy, science, and education. We hope you’ll join us!

River-Friendly Program Coordinator 

The Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association is seeking a part-time (20 hours per week) River-Friendly Coordinator. The River-Friendly Program was created in 2003 to promote clean water and a healthy environment through voluntary actions by individuals and institutions.

The River-Friendly Coordinator works one-on-one with residents, schools, businesses and golf courses to improve water and habitat quality through stewardship actions. These actions are designed to conserve water, restore habitat for wildlife, and educate the public about human impacts and environmental stewardship. More on the program here, thewatershed.org/river-friendly, or at the program’s main page at njriverfriendly.org. Please note, this position is funded for one year only, and subsequent years will be subject to performance and funding.

The River-Friendly (RF) Coordinator works within the Watershed’s Science and Stewardship Department to promote and expand the four main programs (Residential, Schools, Businesses, Golf Courses), and work with the participants towards certification. She/He will actively engage the community through outreach, education, and restoration actions with a goal of reducing non-point source pollution.

Operational Duties:

  • Identify contacts and partners to recruit applicants to the RF Schools, Business, and Golf Course programs.
  • Work with RF participants throughout the certification process including reviewing applications, conducting site visits, determining goals, and coordinating with a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on any of the required topics or as needed.
  • Provide technical assistance to clients regarding RF standard actions including Integrated Pest Management, Landscape Care, Snow Removal and De-icing Practices, Stormwater Management, Water Conservation, Employee Education, and Stream/Habitat Assessments.
  • Develop an action item, process, and contractor list as a resource for each of the RF programs.

Communication and Outreach:

  • Develop/lead/participate in new and/or currently established educational/informational RF activities such as school programming, tabling events, workshops, stream clean-ups, etc. to broaden and engage the constituency of the RF programs.
  • Design and distribute program brochures, flyers, manuals, technical reports and/or fact sheets.
  • Train and support other organizations interested in adopting the RF program.

Program Administration:

  •  Maintain the RF applications, member list, and any associated program data; document progress and evaluate program effectiveness using measurable outcomes.
  • Maintain the RF website, keeping info related to participants, events, programs, etc. current.
  • Perform other duties as required as part of the Watershed Association’s Science Staff.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in environmental science or similar field, and at least one year of work experience; individuals with equivalent knowledge/experience may also apply
  • Knowledge of water quality and human/environment impact issues;
  • Knowledge of stormwater pollution impacts and mitigation through Green Infrastructure features (rain barrels, rain gardens, bioretention systems, etc.) is preferable.
  • Outreach and diplomacy skills, ability to communicate the subject matter to a wide range of audiences.
  • Excellent written & verbal skills; experience with public speaking.
  • Computer skills including MS Office software; desktop publishing and website management skills a plus.
  • Strong team player and comfortable working independently with minimum direction.

To Apply: submit your resume and cover letter to the Director of Science & Stewardship, Steve Tuorto, PhD, at stuorto@thewatershed.org.

The Watershed Association is central New Jersey’s first environmental group. Since 1949, the organization has worked to protect and restore clean water and the natural environment in our region through conservation, advocacy, science, and education. Our offices are located in the LEED platinum Watershed Center on the 950-acre Watershed Reserve in Hopewell Township.