Watershed Staff

Laurie Babicki

Executive Assistant

[email protected] | ext. 10

Richard Cavallaro


[email protected] | ext. 23

Matt Thompson

Property Maintenance Manager

[email protected] | ext. 21

Sophie Glovier

Municipal Policy Specialist

[email protected] | x29

Kory Kreiseder

Stormwater Specialist

[email protected] | ext. 15

Pri Oliveira

Outreach Coordinator

[email protected] | ext. 27

Erin Stretz

Assistant Director of Science & Stewardship

[email protected] | ext. 17

Nicholas Ho

GIS Specialist

[email protected] | ext. 12

Allison Jackson

Stewardship Coordinator

[email protected] | ext. 20

Pat Heaney

Assistant Director of Education

[email protected] | ext. 11

Ellen Gallos

Education Manager

[email protected] | x42

Yesenia Feliciano

Watershed Educator

[email protected] | ext. 53

Michelle Perkins

Camp Director

[email protected] | ext. 37

Vicky Allen

Watershed Educator

[email protected] | ext. 48

Alison Novobilsky

Watershed Educator

[email protected] | ext. 48

Eve Niedergang

Volunteer Coordinator

[email protected] | ext. 51

Lynn McNulty

Development & Systems Operations Manager

[email protected] | ext. 24

Bonne Giglio

Special Events Coordinator

[email protected] | (609) 737-3735 x28

Pam Podger

Marketing Manager

[email protected] | ext. 19

Alan Polk

Development Assistant

[email protected]

Sarah Crofts

Development Associate

[email protected] | ext. 14

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