Sounds of Spring … Wanna Play?

April 9th, 2020

Are you ready for an outdoor activity that uses your ears, eyes, and superhero ID powers?
Get outside — listen, watch and come along to play this game with us!


Do you recognize this song? This common bird is one of the notable early-season singers most often singing “Peter, Peter, Peter”. Know who it is? See if you can see the singer up in the branches.

Answer Birdsong #1


Along the Bedens Brook in Opossum Road Woods, a small chorus of birds lightens the dreary day. The loudest ringing call in the chorus may be a visitor in your backyard. There are variations to the song, but listen for a three-part cheer: “Germany, Germany, Germany”, or “Teakettle, teakettle, teakettle”.

Answer Birdsong #2


This bird, up atop the dawn redwood at the Watershed Center, is common in many of our landscapes. They are handsome and intelligent. This call, known as the “Tool-oll” call by some, is a common feature of courtship. As the bird flies away, you can here its more typical proclamation. Know who this is?



This merry songster is the poster child of spring, arriving upon our lawns just in time to get . . . the early worm! Know who this is?

Answer Bird Song #4


Even in this suburban setting, several birds are vying for attention. The focus of this short video is not the background chatter, nor the “Peter, Peter, Peter” of the tufted titmouse, but the loud ringing call of this backyard favorite. Recognize this call – who is it?

Answer Bird Song #5


Some birds are better equipped to produce “advertising calls” by means other than vocal songs. Here, this common bird, without singing, accomplishes the same thing by carefully choosing the most resonant object within its desired territory. What is this bird, and what is the name of this act?


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