Watershed Trail Run – A Muddy Success

By Pam Podger / May 22 / Uncategorized / No Comments

About 280 runners braved humid weather and sloppy conditions for The Watershed Institute’s 3rd Annual 10K/5K Trail Run on Sunday on the Watershed Reserve.

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Call for Artists: Watershed’s First Student Art Show

By Pam Podger / May 18 / Uncategorized / No Comments
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Connie and Bill Bauder help plan for the Watershed’s Future

By Pam Podger / Mar 05 / Uncategorized / No Comments

Connie and Bill Bauder said they want future generations to acquire the connection with nature that they've enjoyed in their lifetimes and to become good stewards of our water and land.

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What Happens If There Is Just A Trickle Of Water In Our Streams?

By Pam Podger / Jan 12 / Uncategorized / No Comments

When there isn’t enough water, our streams, rivers and lakes dry up. This means all the critters who live in the water, as well as ...

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A Common Love by Anne Wieland

By Rob Nicolaides / Dec 05 / Uncategorized / 1 Comment

Anne Wieland of Homer, Alaska, grew up on the Stony Brook, in Princeton, near the Hun School. She fell hard for the Brook in the 1940s.

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What Causes Flooding?

By Pam Podger / Nov 12 / Uncategorized / No Comments

A flood occurs when a river spills onto its floodplain, typically brought on by heavy rain. The faster rainwater reaches a river channel, the more likely it is to flood.

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What Lives In Our Waterways?

By Pam Podger / Nov 01 / Uncategorized / No Comments
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What Can I Do to Protect Water?

By Pam Podger / Oct 12 / Uncategorized / No Comments
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Betsy Hoover talks about her Planned Giving

By Rob Nicolaides / Jan 15 / Uncategorized / No Comments

Betsy Hoover, long-time Watershed Friend and legacy society member talks about her planned gift and what it means to her...

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