Transform Your Habits for An Environmentally Friendly Home & Yard

What Does River-Friendly Mean?

Your actions have a direct impact on our local waterways and environment. Becoming a River-Friendly Resident will help you use less water, avoid plastics, consider how to use alternatives to chemicals for cleaning supplies, pesticides and fertilizers in your yard. We also offer guidance on how to choose natives plants, create pollinator gardens, compost and other tips to tread more lightly on the land.

Join more than 700 people who have become River-Friendly residents since 2016 by taking a brief survey (less than 15 minutes of your time) that focus on ways that homeowners can protect and conserve water, create wildlife habitats and become advocates for the environment from your own back yard. 

See Examples of Rain Gardens, Native Plants & More

We have an extensive page filled with images, local examples, and expert guidelines for how to be inspired to create these landscape features in your yard.

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River-Friendly Practices

Learn more about native plants, healthy soils, water capture, and other easy ways of creating a healthy habitat for you and wildlife in your own yard. Everything you do will help protect our waters.


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Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater

Learn more about how the water that flows off your property impacts you, your neighbors, and the local waterways with this helpful guide. Get tips on building your own green landscaping projects or contacts to local professionals for assistance.

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