Watershed Explorations

Science, Ecology, & Advocacy for Teens to Adults

Watershed Summer Explorations is a series of webinars and interactive remote sessions that will cover a wide range of topics for teens and adults.

Specialists from The Watershed Institute and outside experts will engage learners in exploring natural history, freshwater ecology, environmental protection, and more.

Watershed Explorations are designed for teens and adults, except where indicated otherwise. Participants attending eight or more sessions will receive a certificate of completion indicating the number of Watershed Exploration hours attended.


Mon, Aug 3 6-7:30PM

Combat Flooding & Water Pollution in Your Town

Join the Watershed’s Mike Pisauro and Sophie Glovier for an overview of the problem of polluted stormwater run-off in NJ, a primer on the NJDEP’s new stormwater rules, and information about how you can get involved to ensure that your town adopts a stormwater management ordinance that will make its waterways cleaner, safer and healthier.

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Fri, Aug 7 10AM-12PM

Backyard Bird Identification

Discover more about the feathered friends around your home with education director Jeff Hoagland and Anna Stunkel. Learn how to identify birds and how to attract them to your yard! Middle schoolers to adults.

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Mon, Aug 10 6-7:30PM

Rain Garden Design & Installation for Homeowners

Have you ever wondered if you could have a rain garden in your yard? Watershed Institute stormwater specialist Kory Kreiseder, will share her expertise as a landscape architect to prepare you to install and care for your own rain garden.

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Fri, Aug 14 10AM-12PM

Understanding Stream Health

How healthy is your stream? Join Assistant Director of Science Erin Stretz to learn about the current state of water quality in Central Jersey and how we collect our data.

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Fri, Aug 21 10AM-12PM

Insects in Our Lives

Explore the world of insects with education director Jeff Hoagland and Anna Stunkel—who they are, where they live, what roles they play in our environment. Explore your own backyard or nearby natural area and share your Insects during this session.

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Mon, June 29 6-7:30PM

Climate Change and New Jersey

Join Bernadette Woods Placky, Emmy Award-winning meteorologist and director of the non-profit Climate Central’s Climate Matters program, as she explores one of the defining issues of our time. Bernadette works with fellow meteorologists from across the country, providing resources and data on the connection between climate change and weather that equips them to speak on this critical topic during their broadcasts. Her high-energy presentations are both informative and motivational.

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Fri, July 3 10-11:30AM

Thinking Outside the Box to Reduce our Water Footprint

Take a closer look at your water “footprint” with Erin Landis, coordinator of the Watershed’s River-Friendly program. Learn about things you can do in and outside your home, and lifestyle choices that can better protect water and live more sustainably.

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Mon, July 6 6-7:30PM

Acting Locally to Protect our Environment

Join the Watershed’s Sophie Glovier to learn how individuals can affect local environmental policy by working in neighborhoods, through community organizations and with municipal government. We will show how citizens can effectively advocate using local scientific data collected by The Watershed Institute and share best practice communications strategies.

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Fri, July 10 10AM-12PM

Life In A Stream

What critters live in our waters and how does water connect all living things? Join Watershed Educators Samantha Bernstein and Yesenia Feliciano, and NJ Watershed Ambassador Sarah McCabe in exploring some of our local waterways. Learn how to engage and interact with nearby rivers and streams. Ages 12 and up.

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Mon, July 13 6-7:30PM

Home Energy Use & Conservation

Do you want to help combat climate change and reduce your fuel costs at the same time? Learn from Ken Sheehan, ombudsman for the NJ Board of Public Utilities, Colin McCullough, a certified building analyst with Princeton Air, and Bob Harris, Ph.D., retired adjunct professor in civil & environmental engineering at Princeton University how you can implement energy-saving measures and adopt renewable energy at home. This session will describe federal and state financial incentives for incorporating these practices.

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Fri, July 17 10-11:30AM

Pollinators & Butterfly Gardens

Join Watershed Educators Alison Novobilsky, Sam Bernstein and Yesenia Felciano to learn about the importance of pollinator gardens, which add beauty to any yard, and benefit the natural ecology. Discover some of the incredible animals that might visit your garden, and how best to help them in their plight with habitat loss. Ages 12 to Adult.

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Mon, July 20 6-7:30PM

Too Much, Too Little, Too Dirty: How Stormwater Impacts Water Quality

You may know that polluted runoff has a negative impact on local water quality, but do you know how? Watershed Institute science director Steve Tuorto, PhD will show you how stormwater can cause flooding, drought, and water pollution, leaving us with “Too Much, Too Little, Too Dirty.”

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Fri, July 24 10AM-12PM

Invasive Species & Their Impact on Biodiversity

Plants play an important role in the livelihood of wildlife native to New Jersey. What can happen when an exotic species moves into the neighborhood? In this program, stewardship coordinator Allison Jackson will identify native and invasive plants rooted on the Watershed Reserve, discuss their origins and how they influence biota within their community.

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Mon, July 27 6-7:30PM

Practical Tips for Growing a Beautiful, Pesticide and Chemical Fertilizer Free Garden

Join Dr. Diane Lewis, Founder of The Great Healthy Yard Project and author of its eponymous book, for a conversation about the importance of keeping our yards pesticide free and practical suggestions for creating beautiful and productive gardens without using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

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Fri, July 31 10AM-12PM

Haiku and Nature

Join award-winning haiku poet and naturalist Jeff Hoagland and discover the connection between haiku poetry, nature observation and intimacy with nature. Part presentation and part hands-on workshop with writing prompts; includes optional sharing circle.

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