Art with a sprinkle of salt and water

May 1st, 2020

One of the most fun things to do at home on a sunny warm day or a rainy cloudy day is to make art. Art itself is an expression of what we feel, see, hear and think that we can express in many different forms. Some forms of art can be acting, writing, drawing, painting, and so much more.

For many years most art was created by using natural materials, such as rocks, sand and planets. Today, another form of using natural materials for art is salt water.

When we use salt water in water color paint or on a washable marker, we can see how that art medium reacts to the salt and water. The reactions from the salt and water on those mediums may create different textures, colors or a specific unique blend of colors. Here is an attachment on how to use the washable marker and watercolor with salt water.

Salt Water Art Activities

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