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May 27th, 2021

The Watershed Institute has summer offerings of safe, in-person outdoor programs for families. Our hands-on activities are guided by our Watershed educators and are geared for all ages, including preschool, school age, teens, and adults.

Come join us as we discover the creatures of the night, explore the Kate Gorrie Butterfly House, hike along the Watershed Reserve, look in the Stony Brook for crustaceans, enjoy wildlife walks, and be amazed by the colors of nature.


Celebrate “nature’s fireworks” and watch for the emergence of several firefly species and discover the fascinating intricacies of their life cycle from glowworm to adult. The walk will finish with a brief concert of gray tree frogs.

Or join us at Bessie Grover Memorial Park in Montgomery for an exploration of life in and around the Rock Brook. Expect to meet a variety of creatures including salamanders, frogs and aquatic insects. Don’t forget old sneakers!

Can you build a shelter to weather a summer storm? Find out in August as we learn basic survival skills like building a fire, assembling a shelter, and basic first aid, and explore some survival scenarios.

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