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February 24th, 2021

Green infrastructure, or landscaping features that mimic nature and cleanse pollutants with rain gardens, swales, downspout planters and other options, is a rapidly growing field, especially as climate change brings more intense and frequent storms.

Managing polluted stormwater runoff with green infrastructure and other methods is one of the Watershed’s core issues. Come learn about the Watershed’s advocacy efforts throughout New Jersey, explore some projects our scientists and other professionals have designed and installed in local towns and cities, and discover ways you can become involved in this journey.

Our stormwater experts have visited residents throughout central New Jersey to offer guidance on how to manage excess water on properties that results in wet basements, soggy lawns, and flooded streets. We offer workshops on building rain barrels, rain gardens, meadows, and other green infrastructure DIY possibilities for local properties.

A driving factor in the rise of green infrastructure in New Jersey is a new rule issued by the state Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) that requires local towns and cities to amend their municipal stormwater ordinances. The Watershed advocated for the new state rule and has been working with towns to adopt local ordinances to implement the changes. We’ve designed a model ordinance that goes beyond the state’s basic requirements and have been advising towns in our region and across the state on this topic.

We invite all audiences — from novices to veterans — to visit our new Exploring Green Infrastructure page. Here you’ll find a treasure trove of useful information, local examples, videos, an interactive map, management tips, volunteer opportunities, training for professionals and residents, and more!

Exploring Green Infrastructure


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