Nature Writing Prompts

May 1st, 2020

Spring is here! How wonderful is that?!

So much happens in the season of spring. We see some animals come out of hibernation, trees start to bud and bloom, flowers begin to pop out if the ground, and the grass is a bit greener.

Spring is the first season of the year for change. We have left the coldness of winter and are now going into the warmth and growth of spring. There are many ways to express our feelings and thoughts about spring and what it means to each and everyone of us. 

Here at the Watershed, we have this activity with different forms of prompts that you can share your thoughts when you are outside and enjoying some of that spring fresh air. Our writing prompts will be a question and you can choose which prompt you would like to share with us. 

If you are writing either a story about your experience in the outdoors, answering the prompt question or writing some poetry  try to take a picture of what you saw and add it to your writing. If you are drawing or painting what you have seen, try to write a small description of what the painting is and means to you.

Here is an example of a writing prompt:

 Life breaks through the cracks of the stone by Yesenia Feliciano

In these rainy days

Although the thought of coming inside my home for comfort and warm

Is the first thing to come to my mind

A call in my heart tells me to go and face the rain even when I fear it


I feel the droplets on my coat and I hear the water hitting the top of my head

Feel the cold in my skin yet the smell of rain is becomes refreshing to my breath

I can see the wet ground underneath me 


The pavement breaking slowly has the droplets hit it 

In those cracks of pavement. The grass trying to break through

Showing that life tries to find a way to the sunlight

That there is a good growth even in the breaking 

A growth that brings life and hope


The city maybe given that concrete jungle title

Yet not all of it is true, because the green is trying to come back 

Some way somehow, growth of something alive

 Is trying to make its way through the stones and cracks of this world 


Attached here is the link to the form for you to submit your creative work! We look forward to you sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. 

Nature Writing & Picture Prompts

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