Remembering Betty Wold Johnson

May 11th, 2020

Betty Wold Johnson and her longtime assistant, Kyle Van Arsdale, and Watershed staff enjoy a laugh inside the Watershed Center.

The Watershed Institute mourns the recent passing of Betty Wold Johnson. Mrs. Johnson was a stalwart friend, donor and champion of the Watershed and its mission to keep water clean, safe, and healthy. She was 99 years old.

Mrs. Johnson was a long-time member of the Watershed’s Advisory Board, a group comprised of some of the Watershed’s closest friends that includes many former members of our Board of Trustees. She served on that body for more than two decades.

Her generosity helped sustain The Watershed Institute. Her investment in the creation of the Watershed Center for Environmental Advocacy, Science & Education and the initiation of our endowment fund helped transform the Watershed into the robust institution it is today.

“The Watershed will be forever grateful for Mrs. Johnson’s leadership,” said Executive Director Jim Waltman. “Her sharp mind, kind spirit, and enthusiasm for our efforts were infectious and I am personally grateful for her support, advice and encouragement.”

The Watershed extends its heartfelt condolences to Mrs. Johnson’s family.

Mrs. Johnson is shown at the top of the page with long-time friend Kit Hildick-Smith at The Watershed Institute.

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