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Summertime Offerings!

Explore our summer activities on the Reserve, online, and in backyards designed for kids -adults!

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To HABs and HABs Not

Watershed scientists will install floating wetlands to mitigate toxic algae blooms in Rosedale Lake.

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Pipelines Blocked Or Delayed Across the Nation

Key decisions are halting natural gas pipelines across the country.

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From Fluff ball to Falcon On the Watershed Reserve

Scientists are banding American Kestrels hatched in nesting boxes on the Watershed Reserve.

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Statement of Solidarity from The Watershed Institute

We pledge to help create a more equitable and just society.

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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Kate Gorrie Butterfly House

Come see butterflies visiting the flowers at the Kate Gorrie Butterfly House.

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Watershed Reserve Trails are OPEN!

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The Watershed Institute

Is This the End of New Pipelines?

Volunteer for Clean Water

Your time and investment in clean water gives us the power to accomplish great things. From measuring water quality to teaching classes, we connect passionate people with important work in our Watershed.


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