Promoting Environmental Literacy

The Watershed Association serves more than 10,000 children and adults through nearly 400 education programs and events each year for schools, community groups and the general public. Our programs aim to increase environmental literacy, and communicate the importance of environmental stewardship. Building environmental literacy among local communities promotes an awareness of environmental issues, compassion and empathy for the natural world, and an understanding of how we as individuals can all make a difference.

Through our educational programs, we strive to implement the Next Generation Science Standards. These standards combine education in core scientific disciplines with research-based, hands-on practice. The incorporation of these practices into our educational programs will further engage students in proactively addressing environmental problems, rather than merely learning a host of facts and figures. Our school programs address the Next Generation Science Standards through engaging, hands-on instruction that teaches research and discovery. Teacher workshops train educators to incorporate the environment into their curriculums, while adult education programs teach strategies to reduce the environmental impacts of your home and business. Our environmental education programs make learning about the environment engaging and fun by implementing programs that invoke creativity while also disseminating critical environmental concepts.

Weston Dam Flagged for Removal

In 2016, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries Division (NOAA Fisheries), in coordination with ...

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Fish Migration Aided by Removal of Weston Mill Dam

The dam's removal will restore historic migration routes for American shad and other fish that ...

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Milestone on the Lower Millstone

The Lower Millstone River is the final stop for waters in the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed ...

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Watershed Stormwater Conference

The Watershed recently hosted a daylong seminar on stormwater with New Jersey experts, who discussed ...

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New Jersey Watershed Conference Advances Knowledge on Clean Water

The 2nd Annual New Jersey Watershed Conference brings stakeholders together on clean water issues.

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New Jersey Watershed Conference – Friday, Nov. 1

Join us for our 3rd Annual NJ Watershed Conference! Early bird registration is open now ...

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