MAD (Libs) About the Watershed Reserve

April 3rd, 2020

With a nod to the original creators of MAD Libs, we invite you to play this fun game next time you’re out on the Watershed Reserve! Join us and fill in the blanks in silly, creative ways!


The outdoors invites us to explore the Watershed Reserve, where I (verb) __________ with (family member or friend) ___________ and saw a (animal or plant)_________ under the redwood tree.

Then we strolled along the trails and heard frogs (verb) __________ in the pond behind The Watershed Institute.  My (family member) tried to catch a (animal) ___ and instead scooped up a _______ (noun or plant).

Along the Watershed Trail, we saw (adjective)  _____ flowers and (adverb) ______ started (verb) __________  along the path.   My (family member) ________  (verb) __________after they sniffed the flower and said it smelled like (food) _________.

We came to some mud and (family member) slipped on a (noun) _________ and fell on a (noun) _____ and ended up with mud all over their (body part – something funny) __________.

We heard twigs and acorns (verb) _________ under our shoes as we (verb) _______ . Way high in the trees, we (verb) _________ several birds singing and used our binoculars to see a (noun)  _________.

Further down the trail,  we passed by a (adjective) _________ brook and heard (noun) _________ as we ventured out of the trail and were close to the Lonely Tree. We (verb) ________ toward Wargo Pond, (verb) _______ several squirrels who ran up a tree.

A stand of (adjective) ___________ trees/bushes with (adjective) _________ -shaped petals caught our attention.  We (verb) _______ several leaves so we could identify them in a (noun ) __________ when we got back home.

We (verb) _________ the forest, fields and (noun) ______ of the Watershed Reserve and can’t wait until we return again someday soon!

 Word Key:

Noun – A word to identify a person, place or thing

Adjective – Something that describes something

Verb – An action word

Adverb – A word that adds more description to a verb; often ends in –ly.

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