Sixth Annual Watershed Conference: Feb. 10 & 17

Addressing Flooding & Water Quality Together

The Watershed Institute welcomes you to our Sixth Annual Watershed Conference from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Feb. 10 & 17.
A hybrid format will be offered for participants to attend in-person at the Watershed Center or virtually.   

The Watershed Conference is an opportunity for learning, brainstorming, discussing, and planning solutions to the problems faced by New Jersey’s watersheds. We will focus on the updates to the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit, regional solutions to address polluted stormwater runoff and flooding, environmental justice, and the need for community-wide action. Learn alongside municipal representatives, engineers, environmental professionals, watershed advocates, business leaders, and community members through roundtable discussions, hands-on sessions, and networking.

The conference will be organized into three tracks based on different audiences and stakeholders of MS4 at the local level. Learn more about MS4, our confirmed sessions, and other important details below. 

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Introduction to MS4

Municipal stormwater management is generally comprised of a system of publiclyowned storm drains, outfalls, basins, green infrastructure, and other stormwater management installations. The Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit, which is part of New Jersey’s Municipal Stormwater Regulation Program, is an important policy tool for protecting and enhancing our state’s water quality. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection recently issued a new MS4 permit, effective on January 1, 2023.

New Requirements for Towns

This new permit will bring about several changes in the standards for towns, including: 

  • Creation of Watershed Improvement Plans
  • TMDLs (Total Maximum Daily Loads – pollution budgets created to reduce the amount of pollution entering a waterway)
  • Evaluation of overburdened community impact and prioritization of projects in these communities  
  • Passage of ordinances to address issues like, salt storage and tree protection   
  • Creation of a municipal stormwater webpage 

Check out The new MS4 permit here

Implementer Track

Implementers are engineers, designers, and others in charge of incorporating MS4 requirements into local stormwater projects and features. Sessions will focus on technical requirements in the permit, existing tools, and mapping.

Policymaker Track

Policymakers are elected officials, planners, attorneys, and others that must devise and adopt new plans and ordinances to address stormwater pollution. Sessions will focus on policy tools, recommendations, and regional approaches. 

Community Member Track

Community members are neighbors, organizations, businesses, nonprofit partners, and others who support policymakers and implementers. They can also participate in voluntary actions to protect watersheds on a local level. Sessions will focus on community buy-in, voluntary actions for your home, and how to get involved locally.

February 10 (10 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Session descriptions start on page 3.


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February 17 (10 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Session descriptions start on page 3.


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Submission Deadline: February 6

Poster Session on Feb. 10

Join us at the end of the day on February 10 for a poster session. The poster session is an opportunity for attendees to engage with other field professionals, local leaders, and community members with their efforts and projects. We invite all who are interested (i.e., students, professionals, community members, etc.). Check out more details in the Call for Posters.

Access the Call for Posters Flyer


We all have an important part to play

Issues of flooding and impaired water quality are not contained within the boundaries of any single municipality. To address these complex issues, municipalities, policymakers, engineers, and community members must work together to create a stormwater management system best suited for the watershed’s natural geography, as opposed to its political boundaries. The MS4 permit is an opportunity for New Jersey municipalities to go beyond the minimum standards – not just to fix current issues but to mitigate and adapt to future impacts from climate change.  

Scholarships for Attendance

We are providing reduced or free registrations to those with financial need. Please fill out the scholarship form below for further assistance. 

Scholarship Form 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Your sponsorship supports our mission to keep water clean, safe, and healthy. To become a sponsor, please reach out to Pri Oliveira, The Watershed Institute’s Outreach Specialist, at [email protected] with the subject line: [Watershed Conference Sponsor]. You can also call 609-737-3735 ext. 27 with any questions. Please note that in-person registrations for this event are subject to first-come, first-serve capacities. If you are interested in attending in-person rather than virtually with your sponsorship, please reach out to Pri Oliveira as soon as possible.



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Register by Purchase Order

Many municipalities’ staff register for our events using purchase orders. Here are some simple instructions on how to register by purchase order.

  1. Send Pri a scanned copy of the purchase order. Please make sure to add the names of all prospective registrants, their job titles, and their emails
  2. Upon receipt, we will share a one-time use code to bypass payment at registration so you can get signed up for your preferred sessions
  3. Pri will send you a signed copy of the purchase order back

Continuing Education Credits

We are applying for CEUs for engineers, lawyers, and planners for some of the sessions. Attendees will receive the option to purchase a signed certificate of attendance after the conference once those CEUs have been approved. We will keep attendees updated as CEU credits become available.

Thank you to our Conference Sponsors

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