The Watershed Institute Celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2024! 

January 20th, 2024

This incredible milestone offers a unique opportunity to reflect on our extensive legacy of contributions to water through conservation, advocacy, science, and education. As we delve into the rich tapestry of our past, we invite you to join us in celebrating the significant impact we’ve had over the past seven and a half decades. 

Throughout the year, in addition to all our popular annual programs, we have planned a series of special events and engaging speakers that highlight the key moments and achievements that have shaped our journey. These occasions will not only showcase the progress we’ve made but also shed light on the challenges we’ve overcome. Below are a few of the events that are coming up: 

We will kick-off our anniversary at The Seventh Annual NJ Watershed Conference on February 23 at The College of New Jersey with Keynote Speaker — Dr. Daniel Van Abs. Dr. Van Abs, Professor of Professional Practice at Rutgers University, has 40 years of experience in water resources and environmental management with Rutgers, the Highlands Council, NJ Water Supply Authority, NJ Department of Environmental Protection and Passaic River Coalition. He is a Professional Planner. Click here for more information on Dr. Daniel Van Abs.

Click here for information and to register for the Seventh Annual NJ Watershed Conference

We will continue the festivities with fun for the whole family at the Watershed Center during our Annual World Water Day celebration on March 23. World Water Day, an annual United Nations event established in 1993, aims to raise awareness about the crucial role that water plays in our lives. The Watershed Institute proudly participates in this global initiative every year by spreading the word about the importance of protecting our local waterways and educating visitors about the various actions they can take to help keep our water clean and healthy.  This year will be extra special! Don’t miss it!



Award winning author of Beaverland, Leila Philip, will speak at the Watershed on April 12. Beaverland is a masterful work of narrative science writing, a book that highlights, through history and contemporary storytelling, how this unusual rodent has played an oversized role in American history and continues to feature in its future. She follows fur trappers who lead her through waist-high water, fur traders, and fur auctioneers, as well as wildlife managers, PETA activists, Native American environmental vigilantes, scientists, engineers, and the colorful group of activists known as beaver believers. Click here for more information about Leila Philip. 







Tim Palmer, author of Seek Higher Ground, will speak at the Watershed Institute’s Annual Meeting on May 13. Environmental writer and former land-use planner Tim Palmer explores the legacy of flooding in America with a fresh look that addresses the emerging climatic, economic, and ecological realities of our rivers and communities. Global warming is forecast to sharply intensify flooding and Seek Higher Ground urges that we reduce future damage in the most effective, efficient, and equitable ways possible. Click here for more information about Tim Palmer. 


Our commitment to the environment has been unwavering, and this anniversary marks a pivotal moment for us to express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our success. We extend a heartfelt invitation to all supporters, partners, and the wider community to partake in these celebratory events, fostering a sense of shared accomplishment and inspiration for the future. 

Looking forward, we recognize the pressing challenges posed by climate change, and we are more committed than ever to addressing these issues head-on. The Watershed Institute aims to build upon our impressive history, utilizing the lessons learned and experiences gained to propel us into the future. Our dedication to fostering a sustainable environment remains steadfast, and we invite you to join us on this journey as we navigate the complexities of a changing world. 

Together, let’s celebrate 75 years of impactful conservation, advocacy, science, and education, and usher in a future where our collective efforts continue to make a lasting difference in the face of environmental challenges. 


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