State Assembly Votes On Single-Use Plastic Ban -Thursday, Sept. 24

September 21st, 2020

The state Assembly is scheduled to consider two bills that would ban single-use plastics on Thursday.  These days, less than 10 percent of all plastic is recycled in New Jersey. Nationwide, 100 billion single-use plastic carryout bags and 2 billion Styrofoam plastics coffee cups are thrown out in the United States each year.

Single-use plastics have significant negative impacts on our communities and our environment, polluting streams, clogging sewers, littering landscapes, and degrading water quality.  Single-use plastic bags break down into smaller and smaller pieces, tainting our water and introducing plastics into the food chain.

Please sign the petition and urge the full Assembly to pass bills that would ban single-use plastics.

Lawmakers will be voting on two bills (S864/A1978) that would ban the use of single-use plastic and paper bags, styrofoam containers, and plastic straws. These bills would:

  • It will phase out both plastic and paper bags within 18 months.
  • It will phase out “Styrofoam” food takeout containers within 18 months.
  • It will phase out the use of single-use plastic straws. Straws will be available upon request.

Please ask your legislators to VOTE YES on S864/A1978. It is time to stop this unnecessary source of pollution:

NJ Assembly set to vote on Single Use Plastic Ban

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