Watershed Farmland at Rest This Season

June 16th, 2021

Photo Credit: Honey Brook Organic Farm.

With strawberries, lettuces, radishes and other crops bursting from the earth in summer growing season, our 65 acres of organic farmland at The Watershed Institute along Wargo Road is at rest this season.

Honey Brook Organic Farm and The Watershed Institute enjoyed a 30-year partnership until the farm decided to end the two parties’ lease agreement last year. Before departing the Watershed’s land, Honey Brook Organic Farm planted cover crops of rye and oats to help preserve and protect the fields from erosion and invasive species. While the land rests, our staff and Board of Trustees are evaluating options for its use and management and we look forward to securing another partner who will care for these lands in the future.

The Watershed Institute is proud to have played a role in the growth of organic farming in the region for the last 35 years and we continue to be enthusiastic supporters of organic and sustainable farming. Organic CSA’s are a great way to support local farms, feed your family, and reduce carbon emissions that occur when crops are transported long distances.


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