A Recent Visit From the East Trenton Collaborative

August 10th, 2022

After a year of collaborating on various projects in Trenton, The Watershed Institute was able to host our partner, the East Trenton Collaborative (ETC), on Saturday, July 31, for a day of entertainment and education.

Visitors enjoyed a short hike on the Watershed Reserve. The outing included a stroll on the boardwalk and went past forests, a historic barn, and meadows. Our ETC guests learned about the Watershed Center’s sustainable features, green architecture, rain gardens, and other green infrastructure.

Next, they learned about the endangered monarch butterfly and New Jersey’s state butterfly, the black swallowtail, on a tour of the Kate Gorrie Butterfly House. They learned about the significant role that native plants play in the survival of caterpillars and mature butterflies.

“We are pleased to reciprocate the warm welcome we’ve received in Trenton after collaborating on various projects in the past year,” said Kendra McKoy, the Watershed’s Delaware River Advocate. “We are eager to strengthen our partnership and efforts in-and-around Trenton.”

Mafanta Swaray and Edgar Rivera, our two Fellows from the Alliance for Watershed Education of the Delaware River (AWE), led several people on a butterfly-catching adventure around the Watershed Center. In closing, our ETC guests also explored the displays in our Discovery Center and learned about resident reptiles from Education Fellow, Kate Hode.

We enjoyed hosting our ETC guests and look forward to more collaboration with them in future endeavors.

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