Flutterby MAD Libs!

May 19th, 2020

We love MAD Libs, and so we’re inviting you to join us with a “visit” to the Kate Gorrie Butterfly House. Join us and fill in the blanks in silly, creative ways!

I took (FAMILY MEMBER) __________________ to see the butterfly garden. We hoped to see the (ANIMAL) _______________ that only eats (NOUNS)____________________.
When we arrived we (ADVERB) ______________put on our masks, which were made out of (NOUNS) _______________ and (VERB) ______________ up the path.

Imagine our surprise when we saw (ADJECTIVE) _________________( ANIMALS) __________________ in their cocoons! We could hardly believe our (BODY PARTS) ____________ when they emerged and began (ADVERB) ____________flying around. Such a (ADJECTIVE) sight! (FAMILY MEMBER) _____________nearly (VERB) ____________ when one landed on their (BODY PART) _______________.

Have you ever seen (NUMBER) _____________ butterflies who (VERB) _____________ on (FOOD) ____________?

I think there is no other (NOUN) ________________ in the universe where you can (VERB) _____________and still find (NOUN) ___________________.

I hope to visit the Watershed again soon, but next time I’ll remember to (VERB) ___________ my (NOUN) ___________ so (FAMILY MEMBER) ________________ doesn’t (VERB) __________________.

Word Key:

Noun – A word to identify a person, place or thing
Adjective – Something that describes something
Verb – An action word
Adverb – A word that adds more description to a verb; often ends in –ly.

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