Citizen Science Forum Presentations

By Erin Stretz / Oct 25 / Events, Monitoring Our Water / No Comments
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Citizen Science Public Forum – Oct. 23

The Watershed Institute is excited to host a free Citizen Science Public Forum on Oct. 23 along with the U.S. EPA (Region 2) and NJDEP.

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Polluted Stormwater: A Challenge for New Jersey

In NJ, stormwater pollution accounts for 60 percent of the pollution that enters our waters. 40 other states have created and operate “stormwater utilities” to address this problem.

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How Does Rain Cause Pollution?

When it rains, water is absorbed into the ground and recharges the aquifer. Because New Jersey is the most densely developed state in the nation, ...

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Do You Know Where Your Drinking Water Comes From?

By Pam Podger / Jun 18 / Monitoring Our Water / No Comments

The water we drink in our homes and workplaces comes from a variety of sources depending on where you live.

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The Health of Heathcote Brook

By Rob Nicolaides / Jun 05 / Monitoring Our Water / No Comments

Heathcote Brook is one of the smallest subwatersheds in the Millstone basin. Its been monitored monthly by veteran StreamWatch volunteer Ted Chase since 2005!

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What’s Happening in the Royce Brook?

By Rob Nicolaides / Feb 27 / Monitoring Our Water / No Comments

There is a lot that we don’t know about the Royce Brook! Our water quality assessments are usually based on data collected from StreamWatch volunteers and NJDEP staff, but in this case...

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Watershed Stormwater Conference

The Watershed recently hosted a daylong seminar on stormwater with New Jersey experts, who discussed the problems and solutions of polluted stormwater runoff.

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Deepening Her Passion for Science

By Rob Nicolaides / Nov 15 / Monitoring Our Water / No Comments

Sonja Michaluk, 14, discovered her passion for streams and critters at a young age, and the Watershed has been a nurturing eddy where she’s developed her...

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Milestone on the Lower Millstone

By Rob Nicolaides / Nov 02 / Monitoring Our Water / No Comments

The Lower Millstone River is the final stop for waters in the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed before they converge with the Raritan River and Raritan Bay. What happens here can be indicative of how the rest...

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